Petty Theft Attorney in West Covina CA

Petty Theft Attorney in West Covina CA

Petty Theft Attorney in West Covina CA

Protect your rights and your future by hiring a petty theft attorney in West Covina CA

Whether your alleged theft involved $50 or $950, you may face petty theft charges. To protect yourself from any undeserved or unduly harsh penalties, you will need a skilled petty theft attorney in West Covina CA like Patrick S. Aguirre on your side.

You Deserve a Personalized Defense

Patrick S. Aguirre has over 20 years of experience as a petty theft attorney in West Covina CA. He is passionate about providing each client with personalized attention and effective defense strategies tailored to their specific situations. Ideally, Attorney Aguirre will be able to prevent a conviction by using one of the following petty theft defenses:

  • You did not intend to steal the item
  • You reasonably believed the item actually belonged to you
  • The owner of the item consented to you taking it
  • You were falsely accused
  • There is insufficient evidence to prove all the elements of petty theft

In many cases, Attorney Aguirre is able to create such a strong defense argument that the DA will drop the charges, sparing you the stress, delays, and expense of a trial.

Now You May Wonder…

…What If I Want to Plead Guilty? Do I Still Need a Petty Theft Attorney in West Covina CA?

Yes. Without a petty theft attorney in West Covina CA, you will not be able to tell if the DA is offering you a good plea deal or not. Attorney Aguirre is familiar with the local courts and he understands the priorities of DAs and prosecutors. He can use this knowledge to ensure you receive the maximum possible sentencing relief in exchange for your guilty plea.

Special Help for First-Time Offenders

If this is your first theft-related offense, your petty theft attorney in West Covina CA may be able to resolve the matter in a way that prevents any conviction from going on your permanent record. For cases involving $50 or less, it may be possible to reduce the charges from a misdemeanor to an infraction. An infraction will not appear on your record and carries a maximum penalty of a $250 fine. If you stole something worth more than $50, your attorney may be able to arrange an informal diversion deal. This would require you to pay restitution, do community service, and/or attend anti-theft classes. In exchange, the petty theft charge will be dismissed as if it never happened.

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