DMV Attorney in Santa Ana CA

DMV Attorney in Santa Ana CA

DMV Attorney in Santa Ana CA

Patrick S. Aguirre will fight for you to keep your license as your DMV attorney in Santa Ana CA.

If the DMV is about to suspend your drivers license, naturally you want to stop them. This will call for some complicated legal maneuvering and is definitely not a job for a layperson.

Fortunately, all you have to do to successfully navigate DMV red tape and protect your rights is get Patrick S. Aguirre on your side as your DMV attorney in Santa Ana CA.

Don’t Forfeit Your Right to a DMV Hearing

If you have gotten a DUI, the DMV will automatically begin processing your license suspension. If you do nothing, this suspension will go into effect in 30 days.

If you want to challenge the automatic license suspension, you must act quickly. The best thing to do is contact an experienced DMV attorney in Santa Ana CA and have him request a DMV administrative hearing for you. This must be done within 10 days of your DUI.

What Happens at the DMV Hearing?

During the hearing, your DMV attorney yin Santa Ana CA can:

  • Review the evidence against you
  • Cross examine any witnesses (such as the officer who arrested you for DUI)
  • Present new evidence and witnesses for your defense

The goal is to convince the DMV official overseeing the hearing that there is not sufficient evidence of your guilt to justify the automatic license suspension. If the DMV official decides in your favor, your license will be reinstated. However you could still have your license suspended if you are convicted of a DUI in criminal court. If the hearing goes against you, Attorney Aguirre can appeal the decision through a departmental review or Superior Court if appropriate.

Why Choose Patrick S. Aguirre as Your DMV Attorney in Santa Ana CA

DMV hearings involve different standards of proof and require different legal strategies than other types of proceedings. This means you don’t want to just pick the first defense attorney you find. It is very important to choose an experienced DMV attorney in Santa Ana CA like Patrick S. Aguirre. Attorney Aguirre has guided countless clients through the DMV hearing process and he knows how to ensure you are treated fairly. In addition to providing top-quality representation for your DMV hearing, Attorney Aguirre can also provide a superior defense for any criminal charges you may face for your DUI.

Need Help Now?

If you are worried about losing your drivers license, hiring Patrick S. Aguirre as your DMV attorney in Santa Ana CA is an excellent way to set your mind at ease. Just call 800-572-1252 now to get started with a free initial consultation.

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