Theft Attorney in San Diego CA

Theft Attorney in San Diego CA

Theft Attorney in San Diego CA

Every charge deserves a quality defense from an experienced theft attorney in San Diego CA.

Are you being accused of stealing? While some charges such as shoplifting sound minor, the reality is any charge can be very damaging to your reputation and your future if it results in a conviction.

Fortunately, Patrick S. Aguirre is here to serve as your theft attorney in San Diego CA. He can defend against any theft charge such as:

  • Petty Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Grand Theft
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Breaking & Entering
  • Auto Burglary
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • And more

3 Ways Your Theft Attorney in San Diego CA Can Resolve Your Case

Contrary to what you might think, getting accused of theft doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in for a long and protracted courtroom battle. There are actually several different ways to resolve a theft case. Because Patrick S. Aguirre has decades of experience handing all kinds of theft charges, you know he can provide the best possible defense strategy for your case as your theft attorney in San Diego CA. For example, Attorney Aguirre may be able to:

  • Get the Case Dropped: Just because you have been charged doesn’t necessarily mean there is enough evidence to convict you. As your theft attorney in San Diego CA, Patrick S. Aguirre will always start by investigating the facts of your case. If sufficient evidence can be found for your defense--or if the prosecution’s evidence is flawed--he should be able to get the charges against you dropped.
  • Negotiate a Plea Deal: Sometimes, the evidence against a client is too strong to deny. If this is the case, Attorney Aguirre will focus on getting a plea deal to protect you against any unduly harsh penalties. If you are a first time offender and you took less than $50 worth of property, you might be able to plead down to a civil infraction, which is much better than a misdemeanor.
  • Fight Charges in Court: Attorney Aguirre is a respected trial attorney with a 93 percent win rate in jury trials. If Attorney Aguirre recommends you go to trial, you can rest assured he will fight aggressively for you in court, presenting a convincing argument for your defense.

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Remember, Attorney Aguirre is always available to serve as your theft attorney in San Diego CA, whether you have been formally charged or not. He can protect your rights and interests during police questioning and assist with bail hearings if needed. For a free initial consultation, please call us at 800-572-1252 now.

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