Theft Attorney in Rossmoor CA

Theft Attorney in Rossmoor CA

Theft Attorney in Rossmoor CA

Every charge deserves a quality defense from an experienced theft attorney in Rossmoor CA.

Have you been accused of stealing? While some charges such as shoplifting sound minor, the reality is any charge can be very damaging to your reputation and your future if it results in a conviction.

As your theft attorney in Rossmoor CA, Attorney Aguirre will do everything in his power to prevent any undeserved or unfair penalties from ruining your future. Attorney Aguirre is more than equal to the task of defending against any theft charge, such as:

  • Petty Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Grand Theft
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Breaking & Entering
  • Auto Burglary
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • And more

3 Ways Your Theft Attorney in Rossmoor CA Can Resolve Your Case

In addition to having a detailed understanding of the legal statutes and case law relevant to theft crimes, Attorney Aguirre also understands how local prosecutors, DAs, and judges think, thanks to his decades of experience as a theft attorney in Rossmoor CA. As a result, Attorney Aguirre has a sixth sense for the most effective approach to any case. He will create a personalized legal strategy just for your case, designed to secure the best possible outcome. This may involve:

  • Get the Case Dropped: Whether you have been formally charged or not, you can hire Patrick S. Aguirre as your theft attorney in Rossmoor CA. He will immediately get to work investigating the facts of your case. If you are innocent, Attorney Aguirre will work hard to prove it so that your case can be resolved ASAP. He will also be on the lookout for any illegally obtained evidence. This evidence must be excluded, and when it is, the prosecution’s case may fall apart.
  • Negotiate a Plea Deal: If you want to plead guilty to a theft charge, don’t do it without consulting Attorney Aguirre first. He can review any plea deals the DA may have offered you and negotiate for better terms as appropriate. Depending on your criminal history and the details of the current offense, it may be possible to get the theft charge reduced to an infraction as part of the deal, which will save you from having a theft conviction on your criminal record.
  • Fight Charges in Court: In both his private practice and his past experience as a public defender, Attorney Aguirre has demonstrated exceptional skill in the courtroom. Drawing on his years of experience, Attorney Aguirre can help you decide if trial is the best option for you given the specifics of your case. If you want to go to court, he will work tirelessly to present the most compelling arguments possible for your defense.

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Remember, Attorney Aguirre is always available to serve as your theft attorney in Rossmoor CA, whether you have been formally charged or not. It is extremely important to have him by your side during police questioning to protect your rights and prevent accidental self-incrimination. To learn more about working with Attorney Aguirre for you defense, please call 800-572-1252 and request a free consultation.

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