Drug Crime Lawyer in Rossmoor CA

Drug Crime Lawyer in Rossmoor CA

Drug Crime Lawyer in Rossmoor CA

Patrick S. Aguirre will fight for your rights as your drug crime lawyer in Rossmoor CA

Have you been caught with drugs in your possession? Remember, any drug crime conviction can cast a long shadow over your future, even if the immediate punishment is relatively light. It is very important to get a skilled drug crime lawyer in Rossmoor CA fighting for your rights and your future ASAP, whether you are accused of:

  • Drug Possession
  • Possession for Sale
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • DUI of Drugs
  • Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance
  • Medical Marijuana Violations
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Prescription Fraud

As an aggressive criminal defense attorney with nearly 20 years of experience,Patrick S. Aguirre can help you create the strongest possible defense to any of the above charges. Attorney Aguirre has a detailed understanding of California’s ever-changing drug laws, as well as a knowledge of relevant case law and experience working with prosecutors and DAs on drug defense cases. He sincerely cares about your future and will use every available legal tool to protect you from any undeserved or unduly harsh penalties.

4 Ways Your Drug Crime Lawyer in Rossmoor CA Can Help Keep You Out of Jail

For many drug offenders, jail time is not really an appropriate punishment. It doesn’t lead to reform and rehabilitation but rather to recidivism. Patrick S. Aguirre gets it. As your drug crime lawyer in Rossmoor CA, he will fight aggressively to resolve your case in a way that protects you from a jail or prison sentence. Here are some possible outcomes he can work towards:

  • A Dismissal: Unfortunately, sometimes individuals are charged with drug offenses based on shaky, inadequate, or outright illegal evidence. If this has happened to you, Attorney Aguirre will prove it and give the prosecution no choice but to drop the charges against you.
  • An Acquittal: After maintaining a 93 percent win rate through thousands of jury trials, Attorney Aguirre has proven he is a skilled and effective litigator. From the initial discovery process to jury selection to closing arguments, Attorney Aguirre will be at the top of his game, working hard to provide the strongest possible defense as your drug crime lawyer in Rossmoor CA.
  • A Plea Deal: If the evidence against you is too strong to fight, Attorney Aguirre will focus on negotiating for a fair and favorable plea deal that exposes you to the least possible charge and penalty for your drug offense.
  • Drug Diversion: Drug diversion programs are available to certain offenders who could benefit from drug treatment in lieu of jail time. If you complete the program, you may be eligible to have your conviction wiped from your record. This is highly desirable since it will save you from getting a criminal record.

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