Marijuana Attorney in Paramount CA

Marijuana Attorney in Paramount CA

Marijuana Attorney in Paramount CA

For a marijuana attorney in Paramount CA who truly cares about your case, hire Patrick S. Aguirre.

With the passage of Prop 64 in California, recreational marijuana is now legal. However, there are still many restrictions on personal marijuana use and possession, and you could find yourself facing criminal charges for certain violations. You can and should fight back against the charges with help from a skilled marijuana attorney in Paramount CA like Patrick S. Aguirre.

No Charge is Too Big or Too Small for Attorney Aguirre

Patrick S. Aguirre can handle any type of marijuana crime you may be accused of, such as:

  • Possession of more than 28.5 grams of marijuana
  • Possession of more than 4 grams of concentrated cannabis
  • Possession on school grounds
  • Cultivation of more than 6 marijuana plants
  • Sales/Transport without a license
  • Sales to a minor
  • DUI of marijuana
  • Underage marijuana violations

Whether you are accused of a minor drug crime punishable by a small fine or a serious felony offense carrying jail time, Patrick S. Aguirre will treat your case as a priority because he sincerely cares about your future. As an aggressive marijuana attorney in Paramount CA, he will work hard to resolve your case as quickly and advantageously as possible given the evidence and circumstances.

Now You May Wonder…

….Do I Need to Hire a Marijuana Attorney in Paramount CA If I Want to Plead Guilty?

Please do. Even if the evidence against you seems very strong, you should still consult a marijuana attorney in Paramount CA immediately following your arrest.


Because your case may not be as hopeless as you think. Your marijuana attorney in Paramount CA knows the law and legal procedure far better than you do, and chances are they can help resolve your case far more advantageously than you first supposed. For example, here are three possible ways Attorney Aguirre may be able to help you:

  • Get Charges Dropped: Attorney Aguirre understands all the nuances of our state’s marijuana laws, meaning he knows exactly what the prosecution needs to prove in order to secure a conviction. He will look for any possible way to undermine their case and prevent a conviction or perhaps even get the charges dropped before trial.
  • Get You in Drug Diversion: Because drug diversion can save you from jail time, Attorney Aguirre will work hard to help you qualify for any programs you may be eligible for. After completing drug treatment as part of the program, you may be able to have your conviction removed from your record.
  • Get a Better Plea Deal: Because Attorney Aguirre understands the mindset of local DAs and prosecutors, he is ideally positioned to help secure the best possible plea deals. This may include reduced charges as well as reduced penalties.

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