Stalking Attorney in Montebello CA

Stalking Attorney in Montebello CA

Stalking Attorney in Montebello CA

Fight back against California’s harsh stalking laws with an experienced stalking attorney in Montebello CA.

Have you been accused of stalking someone? Stalking isn’t just about following someone in person. You can also face charges for harassing attentions directed at someone over the phone or internet. To protect your rights and your freedom, you will need to hire an experienced stalking attorney in Montebello CA like Patrick S. Aguirre right away.

Now You May Wonder…

…Is My Situation Serious Enough to Need a Stalking Attorney in Montebello CA?

Yes. You don’t have to wait to be arrested to get help from a stalking attorney in Montebello CA. As soon as you realize you are being accused of stalking, you can and should consult Patrick S. Aguirre. You can rely on Attorney Aguirre for honest and accurate information about your legal rights and options at this time. You have a right to have Attorney Aguirre present during police questioning--be sure to exercise this right so he can help you cooperate with police in a way that will not compromise your defense.

If you do end up being arrested and charged, you’ll be glad your stalking attorney in Montebello CA is already up to date on your case. This positions him to immediately begin building your defense by:

  • Attending your arraignment hearing and arguing for a fair bail amount
  • Investigating the case to uncover evidence for your defense
  • Filing motions to get any illegally obtained evidence such as coerced confessions thrown out
  • Trying to convince the DA the charges against you should be dropped
  • Negotiating with the DA for a lenient plea deal if appropriate
  • Defending your innocence in court if needed

Patrick S. Aguirre Will Fight for a Fast Resolution to Your Case

At The Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, we understand that even being accused of stalking can be damaging to your reputation, as well as stressful for you and your family. Whenever possible, we strive to resolve cases quickly and advantageous by getting charges dropped or securing a lenient plea deal. Of course, we can also provide superior courtroom defense when required. Patrick S. Aguirre is an accomplished trial attorney with a 93 percent victory rate in jury trials, so you couldn’t have a better stalking attorney in Montebello CA on your side.

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