Gun Attorney in Los Alamitos CA

Gun Attorney in Los Alamitos CA

Gun Attorney in Los Alamitos CA

Fight back against any kind of firearm charges with help from an experienced gun attorney in Los Alamitos CA

Being accused of any type of gun crime is a very serious matter. If convicted, you could face significant penalties including fines and jail time as well as the permanent or temporary loss of your right to own any guns at all. Additionally, if you are not a citizen, you could be deported. Fortunately, hiring the right gun attorney in Los Alamitos CA will help protect you from any undeserved or unduly harsh penalties.

Here’s How Your Gun Attorney in Los Alamitos CA Can Help

With nearly 20 years of experience in criminal defense, Patrick S. Aguirre makes an excellent choice of gun attorney in Los Alamitos CA. He never gives up on a client. Instead, he takes every opportunity to help by:

  • Being present during police questioning: It is never in your best interests to talk to police without your gun attorney in Los Alamitos CA present. Attorney Aguirre will help prevent you from accidentally admitting any incriminating information.
  • Checking for illegal evidence: Flaws in police procedure, such as conducting a search without a warrant or failing to establish chain of custody when collecting evidence, can be very helpful to defendants. You can rely on Attorney Aguirre to scrutinize the evidence in your case and file the necessary motions to have any illegal evidence thrown out.
  • Investigating your case: Obviously, you don’t want to rely on the police to find all the relevant evidence in your case. You need an investigator who is on your side--namely your gun attorney in Los Alamitos CA. As your attorney, Patrick S. Aguirre will work hard to uncover any possible evidence that could be used for your defense.
  • Representing you in court: Attorney Aguirre is known for his superior litigation skills. In fact, his courtroom record as a public defender was unmatched for many years. Attorney Aguirre knows what it takes to win criminal cases in court, and you can trust him to provide honest advice about the wisdom of proceeding to trial as well as superior quality representation in court.
  • Arranging a plea deal: In cases where the prosecution’s evidence is undeniable, the best defense strategy will be for Attorney Aguirre to seek a plea deal. In some cases, plea deals involve a reduction of the charge as well as a reduction of the penalty, which can be helpful in protecting your record and your reputation.

No Gun Charge is Too Big or Too Small for Attorney Aguirre

Patrick S. Aguirre is ready and willing to give his all as your gun attorney in Los Alamitos CA whether you face a slap on the wrist or life in prison for your gun-related offense. You can trust him to keep in close communication with you and incorporate your preferences into his strategy for your defense. Because Attorney Aguirre understands California’s complicated gun laws in detail, he can assist with any charge such as:

  • Possessing an illegal firearm
  • Felon with a firearm
  • Carrying a concealed firearm
  • Carrying a loaded gun in public
  • Brandishing a weapon
  • Inflicting injury while brandishing a weapon
  • Assault with a firearm
  • Drive-by shooting
  • Grossly negligent discharge of a firearm
  • Illegal gun sales

Need Help Restoring your Gun Rights?

If you have lost your gun rights following a criminal conviction, your gun attorney in Los Alamitos CA. may be able to help you get them back. If you have been convicted of a felony that could have been charged as a misdemeanor, your attorney can petition to have the conviction reduced. Alternatively, if you have been convicted of certain qualifying felonies, your attorney can help you try to get a governor’s pardon. Since there are a lot of rules and restrictions on these processes, it’s best to consult an attorney before moving forward.

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