Shoplifting Attorney in Lomita CA

Shoplifting Attorney in Lomita CA

Shoplifting Attorney in Lomita CA

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How many people do you know who being their life by hoping to be a thief when they grow up? The reality is that most people who are charged with theft crimes have simply made a mistake. If you are facing any type of theft charge, including petty theft charges, then we urge you to contact a shoplifting attorney in Lomita CA now for your free legal consultation. You can reach Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre at 800-572-1252 or

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When you think of a person stealing an item from a store, you likely think of the term shoplifting. In fact, the legal term for this is petty theft. Note that to be guilty of this charge, you do not necessarily have had to walk in and take an item out. You could also do something such as switching the label on a higher priced item with a less expensive label or returning an item that you did not buy in order to get store credit.

Any conviction of shoplifting is going to come with consequences but your shoplifting attorney in Lomita CA can work to reduce them. The amount of jail time, your fine, etc. will be based largely on the value of what was stolen and your criminal history. The best case scenario is that we could get the charged dropped. It may also be possible to have your first offense reduced to an infraction. This is essentially like a ticket and involves a fine but does not result in you having a criminal record.

The goal is always to have your charges or consequences reduced or alleviated altogether

We will work to have your charges either reduced or dropped. First, you should understand what they are. If a person steals goods that are equal to or less than $950 in value then the charge is most likely misdemeanor petty theft (which most people will call shoplifting). However, if the defendant has three or more prior convictions for theft crimes, then it can be charged as felony petty theft. A misdemeanor charge can result in six months in jail while a felony charge can result in up to three years in prison.

In the event that the items in question were worth more than $950 then the charge is not likely to be petty theft at all but rather grand theft. This is almost always charged as a felony and comes with more significant consequences.

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You do not want to plead guilty to these charges without having discussed your options with a shoplifting attorney in Lomita CA. Even if it feels as though there is a mountain of evidence against you, we can help you. Whether we work to have the charges dismissed, have the charges reduced, or help you get the least possible penalty, you can count on Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre to be there. Contact our offices today at 800-572-1252 for a free legal consultation.

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