Criminal Defense Attorney in Inglewood CA

Criminal Defense Attorney in Inglewood CA

Criminal Defense Attorney in Inglewood CA

Patrick S. Aguirre is an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Inglewood CA who gets results for his clients.

If you have been accused of a crime, it can seem like the world is against you. Fortunately, you can trust Patrick S. Aguirre to answer all your questions and guide you through this stressful time. From the time you are arrested to the moment your case is resolved, he will be right there beside you as your criminal defense attorneyy in Inglewood CA, leveraging his considerable expertise and experience to bring your case to the most favorable resolution possible.

No Case is Too Tough for Us to Handle

At the Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, we never give up on a client, no matter how daunting the case against them may seem. In several notable instances, Attorney Aguirre has taken clients other attorneys had given up on and proven they were innocent, misunderstood, or overcharged. As your criminal defense attorney in Inglewood CA, Patrick S. Aguirre will work diligently to find and implement the best possible defense strategy for your case. He handles all kinds of charges including:

Now You May Wonder…

…Will I Have to Go to Trial?

Probably not. Going to trial is stressful, costly, and time-consuming. Attorney Aguirre understands that you want a fast resolution to your case and he will work hard to resolve the matter out of court whenever possible.

The first step is to research the facts of your case, looking for new evidence supporting your defense or flaws in the prosecution’s evidence. Depending on what is uncovered, it may be possible to get the charges against you dismissed before trial. If evidence for your defense is lacking, the next strategy is for your criminal defense attorney in Inglewood CA to seek a plea deal that will result in a more lenient charge and/or penalty than you would receive at trial.

However, sometimes it is necessary to go to trial to avoid an unfair penalty. When this is the case, Attorney Aguirre will tell you honestly.

Why Choose Patrick S. Aguirre as Your Criminal Defense Attorney in Inglewood CA

Attorney Aguirre has been a criminal defense attorney in Inglewood CA since 1997, and he is well known for his excellent track record of securing favorable outcomes for his clients. As a matter of fact, he has a 93 percent win rate after thousands of jury trials. He is passionate about protecting your rights under the law and preventing any unfair or unduly harsh penalties from affecting your reputation and your future.

To learn more about how Attorney Aguirre can help with your case, please call us at 800-572-1252and request your free consultation.

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