Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fullerton CA

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fullerton CA

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fullerton CA

For a strong defense against any charge, hire Patrick S. Aguirre as your criminal defense lawyer in Fullerton CA

Have you been accused of a crime? If you don’t act quickly to get the representation you need, you could end up suffering undeserved or unduly harsh penalties including incarceration. Patrick S. Aguirre cares. As your criminal defense lawyer in Fullerton CA, he will guide you through the criminal justice process, protecting your rights at every turn.

Attorney Aguirre will work diligently in and out of the courtroom to make sure you receive the favorable resolution you need to move forward with your life. Attorney Aguirre handles a complete range of criminal offenses, including:

  • Drug Crimes
  • Theft Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Weapons Charges
  • DUI Crimes
  • Traffic Tickets

Aggressive Assistance with Every Step of Your Case

As your criminal defense lawyer in Fullerton CA, Patrick S. Aguirre will take every opportunity to strengthen your defense and build momentum towards an advantageous resolution. Here are some of the key steps he can help you with:

• Police Questioning: You should not answer any questions without your criminal defense lawyer in Fullerton CA present.Attorney Aguirre will ensure your 5th Amendment rights are respected during police questioning.

• Bail: If bail is a possibility in your case, Attorney Aguirre can appear at your hearing to argue for bail to be set at a reasonable amount. This will help set the stage for you to post bail and return home from jail.

• Investigation: Part of Attorney Aguirre’s job as your criminal defense lawyer in Fullerton CA is to investigate your case. This may include finding new witnesses, analyzing forensic evidence, consulting experts, etc. Depending on what his investigations uncover, Attorney Aguirre may be able to convince the DA that the charges against you can’t be proven so they should drop the case.

Plea Deals: If a plea deal is your best option, you can rely on Attorney Aguirre to tell you honestly. He has ample experience negotiating with local DAs for fair and lenient plea deals.

Trial: Attorney Aguirre knows the trial process inside out. You can rely on him for top-quality representation at every stage, from jury selection to the closing arguments. He’s been successful in 93 percent of his jury trials and he can help you too.

Get Help with State or Federal Charges

Depending on what specific crime you have allegedly committed, you may face state or federal charges. Fortunately, Patrick. S. Aguirre is permitted to appear in Federal Court in California, so he can provide the aggressive defense representation you need no matter who files the charges.

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