Marijuana Attorney in Bellflower CA

Marijuana Attorney in Bellflower CA

Marijuana Attorney in Bellflower CA

For a marijuana attorney in Bellflower CA who truly cares about your case, hire Patrick S. Aguirre.

With the passage of Prop 64 legalizing recreational marijuana in California, you might assume that you never need to worry about being arrested for marijuana again. But in reality, there are still many restrictions on marijuana, and you could easily end up facing charges for a crime. Fortunately, Patrick S. Aguirre is here to help as your marijuana attorney in Bellflower CA.

No Charge is Too Big or Too Small for Attorney Aguirre

The Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre provides top-quality defense representation for all kinds of marijuana violations such as:

  • Possession of more than 28.5 grams of marijuana
  • Possession of more than 4 grams of concentrated cannabis
  • Possession on school grounds
  • Cultivation of more than 6 marijuana plants
  • Sales/Transport without a license
  • Sales to a minor
  • DUI of marijuana
  • Underage marijuana violations

Whether the penalties at stake in your case are small or large, Attorney Aguirre will treat your case as a priority. You can rely on him to fight aggressively for the best possible outcome to your case as your marijuana attorney in Bellflower CA.

Now You May Wonder…

….Do I Need to Hire a Marijuana Attorney in Bellflower CA If I Want to Plead Guilty?

YES. You should always ask for advice from a marijuana attorney in Bellflower CA before making any statements to the police, and definitely before pleading guilty.


Because when your future is at stake, you shouldn’t trust your own opinion of your need to plead guilty. You need to consult a professional. With help from an experienced marijuana attorney in Bellflower CA, it is extremely likely that you can secure a more advantageous outcome to your case than you would get by immediately pleading guilty. With Attorney Aguirre representing you, it may be possible to:

  • Get Charges Dropped: Attorney Aguirre understands all the nuances of our state’s marijuana laws, meaning he knows exactly what the prosecution needs to prove in order to secure a conviction. He will look for any possible way to undermine their case and prevent a conviction or perhaps even get the charges dropped before trial.
  • Get You in Drug Diversion: Depending on your criminal background and the nature of the marijuana offense you are accused of, you may qualify for a drug diversion program that will substitute treatment for jail time and possibly even allow you to avoid a conviction on your permanent record.
  • Get a Better Plea Deal: If you want to plead guilty, you can trust Attorney Aguirre to help you secure the most lenient penalty possible as part of your plea deal.

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