Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Anaheim CA

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Anaheim CA

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Anaheim CA

Before you pay that ticket, call a traffic ticket lawyer in Anaheim CA for help

Whether you have recently gotten a parking ticket, been cited for speeding, or gotten some other type of ticket, the consequences could be severe. Fortunately, you are not powerless against traffic tickets. No ticket is too serious for a traffic ticket lawyer in Anaheim CA to handle. You will be amazed how much hiring a lawyer will improve the situation.

Patrick S. Aguirre Can Contest Your Traffic Ticket

Patrick S. Aguirre is an aggressive traffic ticket lawyer in Anaheim CA you can depend on for effective representation. In the course of his 20 years of experience, he’s secured advantageous resolutions in about 90 percent of his cases, so you know it’s highly likely he can resolve your case by:

  • Getting the charge dismissed
  • Winning a not guilty verdict in traffic court
  • Getting your fine reduced
  • Securing a no-point resolution

Attorney Aguirre handles a complete range of tickets, from minor “fix-it” violations to serious moving violations. He sincerely cares about every client, and he will work equally hard for you as your traffic ticket lawyer in Anaheim CA whether your violation is a non-criminal infraction or a misdemeanor.

Save $$$ With a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Anaheim CA

You may be wondering: wouldn’t it be less expensive to just pay my fine, rather than hiring a traffic ticket lawyer in Anaheim CA? The answer is probably no. Your lawyer can help you save on:

  • Fines--if your ticket is dismissed, you won’t pay a penny in fines
  • Related fees--getting a ticket dismissed can save you from court fees as well as traffic school fees
  • Your time--you can avoid spending time attending traffic court by hiring a lawyer
  • Points on your license--securing a no-points resolution will help keep your insurance costs from rising

Patrick S. Aguirre’s services as a traffic ticket lawyer in Anaheim CA are available for a very reasonable fee, so the economics of hiring him to contest your traffic ticket are almost certain to go in your favor.

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