Stalking Attorney in Anaheim CA

Stalking Attorney in Anaheim CA

Stalking Attorney in Anaheim CA

Fight back against California’s harsh stalking laws with an experienced stalking attorney in Anaheim CA.

Have you been called a stalker? Some people may say this as a joke, but the reality is that stalking accusations are no laughing matter. Given the strictness of California’s stalking laws, which apply to activities in person, on the phone, and online, as well as the harsh penalties that apply to stalking, a conviction could change your life. You will definitely want an experienced stalking attorney in Anaheim CA like Patrick S. Aguirre on your side. Attorney Aguirre will do everything in his power to protect you from any unmerited or unduly harsh penalties.

Now You May Wonder…

…Is My Situation Serious Enough to Need a Stalking Attorney in Anaheim CA?

Yes. Any time you are accused of stalking--and especially if police have tried to question you--you can and should get advice from a stalking attorney in Anaheim CA. Attorney Aguirre will be more than happy to help you understand the strength of the accusation against you and the likelihood that formal charges will be filed. Having Attorney Aguirre present during police questioning will ensure you are treated fairly and protect your position in the case.

If formal charges are filed against you, it is highly advantageous to already have a stalking attorney in Anaheim CA on the case. Your attorney will be able to immediately delve into key tasks for your defense, such as:

  • Arguing for appropriate bail or a release on your own recognizance at your arraignment hearing
  • Reviewing the prosecution’s evidence and filing motions to have any illegally obtained evidence excluded
  • Searching for new evidence to support your defense
  • Trying to get unfounded charges dropped
  • Negotiating for a fair and lenient plea deal
  • Preparing a courtroom defense if necessary

Patrick S. Aguirre Will Fight for a Fast Resolution to Your Case

At The Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, we understand that even being accused of stalking can be damaging to your reputation, as well as stressful for you and your family. That’s why we work hard to resolve your case as quickly and favorably as possible, ideally by getting charges dropped, or by securing a plea deal. However, if your case does need to go to trial, you can rest assured you will receive superior representation. Patrick S. Aguirre is an accomplished trial attorney with a 93 percent victory rate in jury trials, so you couldn’t have a better stalking attorney in Anaheim CA on your side.

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