Prop 57

Prop 57

Prop 57

Wondering if you qualify for early parole under Prop 57? Attorney Aguirre can help.

Prop 57 is part of an ongoing effort to shift our criminal justice system away from punishment and towards rehabilitation and reform. This ballot measure, which was passed on November 8 of 2016, supports this effort in two ways:

  • Inmates now have more incentives to engage in education, career training, and good conduct
  • Certain non-violent inmates can now apply for early parole

Who Can Apply for Early Release Under Prop 57?

The first requirement for early release under Prop 57 is that an inmate must be a “non-violent” offender. Since neither Prop 57 nor the Penal Code contains a list of “non-violent” crimes, a non-violent offender is assumed to be any individual who has NOT been convicted of any of the violent felonies described in California Penal Code section 667.5.

The second requirement is that an inmate must have served the full term of any primary offense for which they were convicted. Sentencing enhancements and consecutive sentences do not count towards the full term of a primary offense.

The third requirement is that an inmate demonstrate that they are rehabilitated and deserving of parole. This is a decision that the parole board must make on a case by case basis.

Credits, which can be earned by demonstrating good conduct, completing educational programs or career training programs, or participating in self-help groups, play a vital role in eligibility for early parole under Prop 57. Credits can reduce the full term of a primary offense, thus making inmates eligible for early release sooner. Plus, they can be used as evidence that an inmate is rehabilitated. Prop 57 has introduced new opportunities to earn credits, which is helping to create even more early release possibilities.

Get Professional Help with Prop 57 Early Release Petitions

Ultimately, the decision to grant early release is still up to the California Board of Parole Hearings. The parole board is currently drafting rules on how Prop 57 early release petitions should be made and how Prop 57 hearings should be run. At The Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, we are keeping a careful eye on this process. This enables Attorney Aguirre to provide clients with the most up to date and accurate information and representation possible on Prop 57 issues. We can help you understand your eligibility for Prop 57 early release and then prepare your petition for you, making sure to include all possible evidence and information that the parole board will need to reach a fair decision on the question of your early release.

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