Learn How Non-Economic Damages Like Pain and Suffering Are Calculated

Learn How Non-Economic Damages Like Pain and Suffering Are Calculated

Learn How Non-Economic Damages Like Pain and Suffering Are Calculated

Learn How Non-Economic Damages Like Pain and Suffering Are Calculated It is relatively easy to put a price tag on how much it cost you to be out of work for six months – we can simply look at your past wages. However, when it comes to putting a monetary value on your pain and suffering, the process can be more complex. Learn how we do this by reading on. Then contact Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre at 800-572-1252 for your free consultation.

Examples of Conditions and Medical Issues That Can Lead to Damages for Pain and Suffering

When we use the term “pain and suffering” we are talking about more than just physical pain. Some of the most common conditions and medical issues that lead to recovery of pain and suffering damages include insomnia, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, stress, an inability to engage in normal activities, loss of self-esteem, loss of consortium, and missing out on family events. Of course, pain is also covered in these types of non-economic damages.

Calculating Non-Economic Damages

The two main factors involved n calculating non-economic damages will be the specific type of injury you suffered and the extent of said injury. For a example, a person in a car accident who has whiplash is likely to get less compensation than a person who is involved in a pedestrian accident and suffers an injury to their spinal cord.

There is no specific formula used to determine pain and suffering but generally we will start by looking at your medical bills. This is what the judge or jury would consider to determine how much pain and suffering you likely experienced. For example, a person who went to physical therapy for six months after an accident would likely be eligible for less recovery than a person who had multiple surgeries that left them in the hospital for months.

Finally, we recuperation period will be taken into consideration. Generally speaking, we find that pain and suffering awards are generally between 1x and 5x the amount of the medical bills.

There Are Many Accidents That Can Lead to Non-Economic Damages

In short, any accident in which you were injured and someone else was at fault can lead to non-economic damages. However, there are some cases that more commonly lead to these types of pain and suffering damages including dog bites, train accidents, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, bike accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

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