Have You Been Charged With Credit Card Fraud? Hire an Attorney Today

Have You Been Charged With Credit Card Fraud? Hire an Attorney Today

Have You Been Charged With Credit Card Fraud? Hire an Attorney Today

Have You Been Charged With Credit Card Fraud? Hire an Attorney TodayCredit card fraud is a serious offense that can have serious consequences. Not just any attorney is qualified to represent you. When you work with Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre you’re working with a law office that’s experienced in the complications of cybercrime. We are ready and able to dig through the most complex evidence to provide you with a vigorous defense against your charges.

What type of credit card fraud are you being charged with?

There are numerous types of credit card fraud but the two most common are “card present” crimes, which means a person’s actual card has been stolen and “card not present” crimes, in which a person gains access to a person’s credit card number or other info that allows them to use the card over the phone, online, or in another way that doesn’t involve the actual card being swiped.

The penalties for credit card conviction can be significant

For the most part, laws against credit card fraud are written in very general terms that include a wide range of fraudulent behavior. This is done so that as new methods of cybercrimes become apparent, they’re already covered. Generally speaking, the penalties for credit card fraud are related to the total dollar amount of the fraud.

For example, the state statute might say that credit card fraud is only a misdemeanor if no actual property is obtained through the stolen card, or if the amount of the property taken is less than or equal to $500. In that case, the maximum fine would likely be around $1,000 and the sentence would be less than a year in county jail.

As the amount of the property stolen increases, the penalty increases as well. A felony for credit card fraud would involve a significant amount of money and could bring with it fines of up to $25,000 and up to 15 years in prison.

The importance of a good defense attorney

If you’re facing prosecution of credit card fraud, then it’s imperative you contact Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre immediately. Being charged with any type of crime can be taxing but credit card fraud carries with it an extra stigma. As a result, prosecutors may be motivated to make an example of you and your case.

If you plan to reach a plea with the courts, then it’s important you have an experienced attorney on your side. It’s our job to reason with the judge and to come to an agreement on a lesser charge or penalty. If you plan to go to trial then we’ll closely review all the evidence against you, search for discrepancies, develop a willing strategy, and consider our own independent investigation. We will present your case to the jury in a simple, straightforward way they can understand.

It’s always wise to contact a lawyer when you’re facing criminal charges but never is this more true than with a cybercrime. You’re dealing with complicated, complex technological issues coupled with equally complex legal issues. Call us today at 800-572-1252 to learn more about how we can help you.

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