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Discover Your Defense Options to Charges of Theft in California

Discover Your Defense Options to Charges of Theft in California

Discover Your Defense Options to Charges of Theft in California

Discover Your Defense Options to Charges of Theft in California

Have you been accused of or charged with a theft crime in California? If so, you could be facing a wide range of consequences from a relatively minor slap on the wrist to years behind bars. Regardless of the situation, you do not want anything to mar your record or affect your future options.

As a result, it is important to talk to a criminal defense attorney about any type of theft charges, even if they seem minor. Regardless of the specifics, you can trust Attorney Aguirre to offer aggressive representation. He cares about each case and each client and will work to find the best outcome that’s favorable to you and that works out to your benefit. Contact our offices at 800-572-1252 now to get started.

He can help with many types of theft charges

Regardless of the specific types of theft charges you are facing, Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre is here to help. Some examples of past charges we have represented clients for including grand theft auto, petty theft, burglary, auto burglary, shoplifting, robbery, breaking and entering, forgery, embezzlement, and other charges.

There are three potential ways we can resolve your case

You will find many reasons to trust Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, including the fact that he has worked on theft cases since 1998. In that time he has developed a deep understanding of the law and how to help his clients. Every case is unique but there are generally three potential ways to get a case resolved.

  1. Getting the charges dropped. First, we will investigate the facts of your case. We will look for issues we can argue with the prosecutor to get the charges dropped. For example, if we can show that evidence was obtained illegally then it could be excluded. Without it, the charges may be dropped. If you contact us before charges are officially filed, we could be able to prevent them from being filed at all.
  2. Negotiating a plea deal. If there is a wealth of strong evidence against you, then a plea deal could be in your best interest. Regardless, you can count on us to negotiate aggressively to find the best possible deal with the minimize penalty possible.
  3. Taking the case to court. You will feel good knowing that Attorney Aguirre is an incredibly effective attorney with a 93% success rate at trial. If he recommends that you go to trial then you can trust that he believes in your case.

These are the three main ways that cases can be resolved. If you have been accused of any type of theft crime in California then we strongly urge you to contact a criminal defense attorney. If you want the best in the business then that attorney should be Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre. Call 800-572-1252 now for a free legal consultation.

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