Case Results

Case Results

Case Results


People v. Argueta
Possession of 4 Kilo's For Sale
Case Dismissed At Preliminary Hearing Norwalk Superior Court

People v. Adams
Felony Charges of Domestic Violence
Terrorist Threats
Long Beach Superior Court
Dismissed Pursuant To Motion To Dismiss For Lack Of Speedy Trial

People v. MW
Motion to vacate marijuana cultivation conviction to avoid
Deportation Granted

People v. SG
Domestic Violence
Case dismissed on day of trial

People v. BE
Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse
Scerna motion to dismiss domestic violence and elder abuse granted

People v. ESC
5 counts of 245(a)(2) Max exposure 14 years
Time Served on Probation

People v. S.D.
Exhibition of a weapon
Case dismissed on day of jury trial

United States V. D.S.
Bribery extortion, facing 30 years in federal prison
Client sentenced to 12 months in prison

People v. V.M.
Facing 25 years in 3rd strike case
One year after negotiated plea

People v. B.C.
Robbery with a gun, facing 16 years after trial
Probation after trial

People v. G
Assault with deadly weapon, terrorist threats
Not Guilty

United States v. EH
Transportation of more than two tons of marijuana facing ten years
Client sentenced to 2 years

United States v. CF
Illegal reentry to US following deportation of aggravated felony facing 20 years in federal prison
Client sentenced to 18 months

United States v. CF
Multiple fraud ponzi scheme, client facing 40 years in federal prison
Client sentenced to 60 days on weekends

People v. MEJIA
Attempted murder, domestic violence, client facing 30 years
Negotiated plea for 2 years with full credits. Estimated actual time 1 year in prison

People v. FC
DUI charges
Case dismissed pursuant to scerna motion

People v. JC
License reinstated following DMV hearing

Criminal charges dismissed

People v. JJ
No charges filed due to negotiation

People v. CM
2ND time DUI
Case dismissed pursuant to scerna motion.

People v. MV
Domestic violence
Case dismissed at trial

People v. LL
Felony evading police
Charges reduced to misdemeanor by judge after preliminary hearing

People v. GT
Aggravated assault
Charges dismissed pursuant to scerna motion.

People v. M
Multiple rape charges
Case dismissed after preliminary hearing

People v. I
Possession of narcotics
Motion to suppress granted, Charges dismissed

People v. AT
Domestic violence
Case dismissed

People v. HM
Multiple sex charges, facing life in prison
Charges dismissed on day of trial

People v. GR
20 tons of marijuana possession for sale case, largest marijuana seizure

in Long Beach, Ca history
Client sentenced to misdemeanor time served

People v. SS
Shoplifting contributing to delinquency of a minor
Hung jury - Charges dismissed

People v. RM
Sexual assault, sexual molestation facing life
Charges dismissed on the day of trial

People v. EC
3rd time DUI – admission of drinking refusal
Not guilty

People v. ER
Transportation of narcotics – cops observe the hand to hand transaction
Not guilty

People v. WM
Six counts of assault
Jury finds not guilty within 45 min after 3 week trial

People v. Soliz
Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Felony PC 245) in Downey, CA
Dismissed on the Day of Trial

People v Lucero
Charged Murder Norwalk Superior Court
Not Guilty - September 2016

People v. G
Second DUI Offense Compton, Ca
Case Dismissed - July 2017

People v. Canales
Molestation Case, Los Angeles County
Case Dismissed


People v. Flores
Two counts of 245, Assault with a Knife
Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing Dept. N, Norwalk, Ca


People v. Roque
Domestic Violence, Downey, Ca
Dismissed at Trial

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