Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Clients have been trusting Patrick S. Aguirre to provide aggressive criminal defense since 1997—and you can too

Have you been accused of a crime? Police and prosecutors may be working very aggressively to press charges against you and make them stick. It is imperative that you have an equally aggressive professional on your side to help level the playing field and ensure you are treated fairly under the law.

As your criminal defense attorney, Patrick S. Aguirre will work diligently to protect your rights every step of the way. From the time you are arrested to the moment your case is resolved, Attorney Aguirre will be right there beside you, leveraging his considerable expertise and experience to bring your case to the most favorable resolution possible.

Rely on our law firm for top-quality legal assistance with any criminal defense matter, such as:

DUI: Patrick S. Aguirre has special expertise in DUI cases and he can help you fight back against automatic DMV suspensions as well as criminal charges for DUI.

Drug Crimes: Whether your alleged crime involves medical marijuana, illegal narcotics, or misuse of prescription medications, Attorney Aguirre can provide a strong defense.

Theft Crimes: Fight back against any charge from shoplifting to grand theft auto with help from experienced theft defense attorney Patrick S. Aguirre.

Domestic Violence: Being accused of domestic violence can be very upsetting. Fortunately Attorney Aguirre and his team are ready to stand beside you and work diligently for your defense.

Assault & Battery: Accused of physically harming or attempting to harm someone? Let us protect your rights and work for a fair resolution of your case as your criminal defense attorney.

Cybercrime: At the Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, we are equal to the challenge of digging through the most complex evidence to prepare a strong defense against cybercrime charges.

Elder Abuse: Whether you are a professional caregiver or a family member, elder abuse allegations can be devastating. Let us fight to protect your good name and resolve your case quickly.

Fraud: California law describes a wide variety of fraud crimes. Fortunately Patrick S. Aguirre has the legal expertise required to find the best possible defense strategy for your specific fraud crime.

Juvenile Crimes: Patrick S. Aguirre and his team will work diligently to secure a favorable outcome to your child’s case. We will be patient and thorough when answering all your questions.

Murder: The stakes are very high in a murder case—be sure you have a skilled attorney who can present a clear and compelling argument for your defense by hiring Patrick S. Aguirre.

Stalking: California has very strict stalking laws, so if you are even accused of this crime—much less arrested and charged—you will definitely want an aggressive defense attorney on your side.

Weapon Charges: Whether you are facing charges for possessing an illegal weapon or using one in the commission of a crime, Attorney Aguirre can provide a comprehensive defense.

Sex Crimes: Don’t just sit back and let a sex crimes conviction land you on the sex offender list. Instead, be proactive about your defense by retaining Patrick S. Aguirre ASAP.

Forgery: You can fight back against forgery and related fraud charges. Simply hire Patrick S. Aguirre for aggressive defense representation every step of the way.

Embezzlement:  Embezzlement charges have the potential to involve complicated financial evidence, but Attorney Aguirre and his team won’t be intimidated. We will work hard for your defense.

Expungements: Get expert help cleaning up your criminal record by consulting with Patrick S. Aguirre about expungements and other services.

Traffic Violations & Speeding Tickets: We can help you contest any traffic ticket and keep points off your license. Attorney Aguirre has an excellent track record of securing positive resolutions to tickets.

DMV Perjury: Accused of lying to the DMV? Let us help you explore all possible options for your defense and make sure you do not receive any unfair penalties.

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